Our production line

Green Earth luminaires boast impressive quality and durability. We have designed them to have a significantly longer service life than the industry standard. Their reliability and product safety are stand-out characteristics in a market increasingly geared towards the transience of structural details.

Our promise

Our promise of sustainable product preservation is based on our quality standards. Should a luminaire component nevertheless need to be replaced, we ensure the necessary supply of spare parts for many years after the purchase of the luminaire. This is how we define fairness towards our customers and responsible use of our high-quality materials.

Replaceable components

The majority of components we use are replaceable and not permanently connected to the luminaire. As a result, faulty components can be replaced with little effort to ensure the continued, reliable use of our luminaires. In most cases, there is therefore no need to replace an entire luminaire or series of luminaires.

Availability guarantee

The technology and design of the components may change over the years as a result of our systematic product development. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that spare parts – with up-to-date technology – will of course be supplied with the exact parameters required. The LED modules in a replacement delivery from our own production line, for example, correspond to those of the LED modules originally installed. This enables the luminaire to continue operating without any discernible difference to light colour or output.

Our identification system for LED modules and power supply units simplifies re-ordering and on-site replacement. Components can therefore be replaced quickly and with little effort.

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GreenEarth LED lighting has become a more professional and full-fledged company since a decade development.

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