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The ageing of electronic components – particularly LEDs – depends on the temperatures to which they are exposed during operation. The higher the temperature in the immediate vicinity of the LED modules, the shorter the anticipated service life.

Thermal management therefore poses a major challenge when developing new luminaires. In addition to the use of high-quality components, we have taken constructive measures to ensure optimum temperature conditions inside the luminaires. The LED service life is significantly extended as a result.

We define very high quality standards for our luminaires based on our decades of experience. This approach results in the continuous improvement of our products.

The same quality standards apply for our LED technology as well. We rigorously follow our own ideas in the selection and processing of our LED components and are never satisfied with standard market criteria. To meet these goals, we have created all the necessary conditions, including the best production processes.

All Green Earth luminaires are supplied with out very own tailor-made modules. We have control over all the materials used and therefore are not forced to enter any compromises. Our LED modules are expected to reach the maximum possible service life. We are committed to using components of the highest quality, made exclusively of age-resistant materials.

For that very reason, we do not use plastic lenses with questionable ageing properties in our optical systems. Instead we prefer durable materials such as glass, silicone and aluminium.

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GreenEarth LED lighting has become a more professional and full-fledged company since a decade development.

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